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T-Fal launches Nutritious & Delicious a new range of cooking appliances that combine Nutrition and Pleasure.

For T-Fal nutrition is more than just ingredients! Proper nutrition not only depends on the quantity of the food we eat but also on how it is prepared and cooked.

Whether boiled, simmered, fried or baked, the way a meal is cooked not only affects how it tastes but also how well its vitamins and trace elements are preserved.

To meet the need for more nutritious and better-balanced meals, T-Fal has made a considerable investment in Research and Development to develop new cooking technologies. Well known for its cooking utensils and appliances, T-Fal Nutritious & Delicious range offers unique cooking solutions that enable nutrition-conscious food lovers to meet their health objectives by:

  1. Preserving the nutritional qualities most essential to health
  2. Reducing the use of fats and oils
  3. Enjoying the forgotten tastes and flavors of natural foods
  4. Reducing meal preparation time

With Nutritious & Delicious, T-Fal’s objective is to inspire consumers to prepare a variety of better-balanced and more flavorful meals. This new range consists of three completely new products: ACTIFRY, and VITACUISINE.