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With an increase in sedentary lifestyles and consumption of larger quantities of energy dense nutrient poor foods, it is no wonder that the trends in overweight and obesity continue to rise in North America and globally. As lives become more and more hectic, obtaining a balanced diet can also prove to be diffi cult and are likely contributing to the rise in weight gain.

A balanced diet, which is crucial to weight management and overall healthy living, incorporates all of the different food groups throughout the day and emphasizes nutrient-rich food choices. Meats, whole grains/starches, fruits, vegetables, dairy and even some added fats all offer a variety of benefi ts and should be included as an important part of the daily diet.

Instead of suggesting the removal of one of society’s favorite foods, Groupe SEB was determined to “learn how to prepare French Fries properly in order to optimize their fat content and quality of the fat”. With the new ActiFry Solution, Groupe SEB has designed a way for French Fry lovers to reap the following benefi ts:

  1. They can prepare and enjoy tasty and nutrient rich French Fries at home, just how they want them. They can enjoy delicious French Fries with only 3% fat, by using only one spoonful of oil during cooking.
  2. They can use a variety of heart healthy oils (olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, etc.) during preparation.
  3. The ActiFry cooking process does not destroy or alter the oil, instead it preserves the nutritional and health qualities of the oil.
  4. Consumers can obtain a delicious nutrient rich product that has lower calorie and fat content, but contains adequate amounts of essential heart healthy fats.

ACTIFRY: a revolutionary cooking appliance that crisps and provides the same meal satisfaction as ‘deep-frying’ using a spoonful of oil. Traditional, home-style favorites - such as crispy and golden French fries - are easily prepared, reducing drastically the fat content vs. that of oven-made or fast food restaurant fries. Essential good oils can be used, such as olive oil, sun-flower, rapeseed, canola. In addition, the nutritional properties of both the potato and, more importantly, the “good” oil used are less degraded to promote better health.


ACTIFRY’s unique process – using a spoonful of oil - can also be used to cook a large number of healthy, tasty recipes: including seafood, meat, crunchy stir-fried or home-style vegetables, and fruits.